Aurelia is on the run. Stowing away on an interstellar cargo ship seems the perfect solution. Except for the fact it’s crewed by three very large, scary and extremely sexy men.

Ursine traders Dov, Tarlo and Ardal are a bonded family. That means they share everything. When the little golden-haired beauty reveals herself to them, they fully intend to share her as they do everything else. Far from being repelled at seeing the three men love each other, Aurelia finds the physical intimacy and passion they share together—and with her—an aphrodisiac she could easily become addicted to. But the four-way physical sharing turns into much more, and as strong emotions come into play, that sharing could come at a price none are willing to pay.

Hungry Like a Wolf
Twelve months after the crushing heartbreak of being dumped by Ethan, the gorgeous Alpha werewolf who was the love of her life, Amanda is finally picking up the pieces. But the ties that bind the two lovers are strong, stronger than Ethan’s resolve to stay away. One sizzling touch, one passionate kiss, is all it takes for the insatiable hunger inside each of them to explode into life. But Ethan has a determined rival for Amanda’s affection and a whole lot more, and he’ll stop at nothing to win it all
Redesigning Adele

Adele wants her bisexual friends Max and Leo, but they are happy together. Why would they want to add a plus sized woman to the mix?
Because they know they can’t live without her in their bed, as well as in their hearts. Now to convince her of that fact.

Kansas City Shuffle

Larissa comes to Kansas City after winning a trip to see where her favorite series of books takes place. She expects to have a great time with her three scheduled fantasy dates and an all-expenses-paid shopping spree. When she meets two men at different points in her vacation, she is suddenly torn between them. Finding out they know each other, and are perfectly willing to share her, in and out of bed, is more than a dream come true. It’s a fantasy.

Devon and Jared know that Larissa is their mate; they just have to convince her. And hope she doesn’t freak when she finds out they are the werewolves she has been reading about for the past six years. But they can’t tell her until their pack has finished “testing her suitability” as an alpha female. All they can do is hope she will forgive them when she finds out the truth.

Yet, the real truth is something none of them suspects. And may be enough to drive them apart permanently

Lisa’s Summer Cowboys
Plus sized Lisa has the hots for her two new bosses, but she knows the odds of anything happening with those sexy cowboys are slim to none. Until they catch her taking batteries for her vibrator. Now all bets are off.
Perfect Woman

What’s better than one gorgeous, sexy man? Two gorgeous, sexy men!
Tricia is in heaven when Donovan, her lover of four years, invites his best friend Kevin to join them for a weekend of carnal delights straight out of her sexual fantasies. But she wants more. She wants love.

However, Donovan has made it clear in the past that long-term commitment is not in his future plans. Donovan loves Tricia. She’s his ideal…his perfect woman, and he wants more than a weekend with her a few times a year. He’s ready for forever. But he has a secret to share that may tear them apart—love or not.