Lisa’s Summer Cowboys

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Plus sized Lisa has the hots for her two new bosses, but she knows the odds of anything happening with those sexy cowboys are slim to none. Until they catch her taking batteries for her vibrator. Now all bets are off.ExcerptLisa looked around the clean kitchen one final time and sighed with relief. Her first two weeks as a chef at a dude ranch in the middle of Montana had been both easier and harder than she’d expected. The work was easy.The coworkers—hard.Especially the cowboy bartender who worked the lounge at night. Garrett Truman. Talk about hard. The man was all angles and muscles. Not to mention the best bit of eye candy she’d seen in quite a while.

He was a walking wet dream. His thick brown hair was just long enough to be pulled back into a ponytail and thicker than any man had a right to have. Small tendrils of hair would escape and frame his beautiful green eyes, enticing her to reach up and stroke his chiseled face. Sometimes she found herself fisting her hand to keep from doing just that.

Every time she thought of him, shivers of desire ran up and down her spine. And when she saw him? God help her, she didn’t know how she’d kept from jumping his bones before now. She was always wet and primed for a good round of sex whenever he was around. The man got her so hot and bothered she could barely think straight. Thank god she only saw him in the evenings. If she spent all day near him she’d never get anything done.

She’d give just about anything for the opportunity to get sweaty and naked with him. But she figured the chances of that were few and far between. Guys like that didn’t often willingly bed women like her.

Hell, while she was at it, she might as well reach for the stars and wish for a night with their boss, Case, as well. Between the two of them she hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep since she got here. At least not until she’d used her vibrator to calm herself down. She shook her head. She could dream about them all she wanted, she reminded herself. It was time to head off to bed. She needed to be up at five in the morning to get the most recent group of guests their last breakfast before they left. There was nothing left to do here, so she headed out to cut through the main area on the way back to her room.

“Hey, babe. Done for the night?”

Lisa’s insides melted and her pussy grew damp at the sound of his voice. It was smooth and creamy and made her want to roll around like a kitten in a pile of catnip. She practically had to pour her body onto the barstool to accept the drink he offered her. Tequila Sunrise. Her favorite. And he made it perfectly.

He was wearing what was practically a uniform here on the ranch. A Stetson, a t-shirt covered with a flannel shirt, and jeans. And even though she couldn’t see them, she was sure the jeans hugged his thighs and ass so tightly there was no room between his skin and the denim for any skivvies. She should know—she’d lusted over him for the last fourteen days. And she’d be damned if he wore underwear.

Forcing herself to remain calm, she took a gulp of her drink. “Yeah. Where’s the group?”

“Case took them out for a last look at the stars before they head back to the city. You’d think they never look up. Christ, they’re only from Billings, it’s not as if they’re from New York or L.A.”

Lisa shook her head and smiled. “You know people, Garrett. They tend to be oblivious to what’s around them. It takes something like this to remind them what’s around the corner.”

“Which they promptly forget after they leave.”

“Yup, they do. But at least they’re exposed to it for a little while.”

“I just don’t understand people anymore.”

Lisa smiled. “You’re a bartender, that’s part of your job.”

He stood up straight and tilted his hat at her, giving her a fake scowl. “Hey. I’m a cowboy, I’ll have you know. I just do this bartending gig as a favor for Case.”

He wasn’t just a cowboy, and he wasn’t just a bartender either. The man was smart and had an air of sophistication about him. There was more to him than met the eye.

“Where are you from, Garrett? And don’t tell me born and bred around here. I’d have to be deaf, blind and stupid not to see the remains of city living on you.”

He leaned forward on the bar with a sigh before looking around dramatically. He lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “You swear you won’t tell anyone?”

“I swear.” She crossed her heart and smiled.

“’Cause if you do, I’ll have to punish you. And Case has quite a little dungeon downstairs.