Redesigning Adele


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Published January 27,2009 on Loose-Id. Order your copy here!

Adele is the head designer for the firm owned by her two best friends, Max and Leo. She has worked with them for years and wanted them in her bed almost as long. But they are in a committed relationship with each other and would never look at her as anything other than a best friend.
Max and Leo are tired of waiting for Adele to face up to what she wants and needs. And as far as they are concerned, she wants and needs them. They are determined to make her finally realize it, even if it does take a little bit of redesigning Adele to get her to see things their way.


“Goddamn it! Who the hell thought it was a good idea to keep my shit on the top shelf?” Adele snapped to herself as she climbed up one more shelf. Vertically challenged, anything above five and a half feet was difficult for her to reach. And of course, some idiot had taken the step stool out of the stockroom, probably to decorate for the stupid holidays.
So here she was, five feet three and two hundred pounds in her stocking feet, climbing shelves to get pads of paper that her assistant, Gabby, hadn’t gotten her before leaving for lunch. Although to be honest, Adele hadn’t told her she needed them right away. It wasn’t like it was the stuff she used every day.
The damn paper wasn’t what was really annoying her. If she hadn’t had that damn dream last night again, she’d be fine. But no, her subconscious couldn’t go more than one night without playing her fantasy over and over again. Her secret fantasy where Max and Leo fuck her until she passes out. She’d been having the same dream, or some variation on it, for over a year now. Too bad it wasn’t real, ’cause it always left her hot and bothered, tense and ready to snap.
And her damn batteries had picked this morning to die on her.