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Aurelia is on the run. Stowing away on an interstellar cargo ship seems the perfect solution. Except for the fact it’s crewed by three very large, scary and extremely sexy men.

Ursine traders Dov, Tarlo and Ardal are a bonded family. That means they share everything. When the little golden-haired beauty reveals herself to them, they fully intend to share her as they do everything else.

Far from being repelled at seeing the three men love each other, Aurelia finds the physical intimacy and passion they share together—and with her—an aphrodisiac she could easily become addicted to. But the four-way physical sharing turns into much more, and as strong emotions come into play, that sharing could come at a price none are willing to pay.

“Aurelia has been found hiding in one of the holds by a very large, and very sexy man. She tried to explain why she had snuck aboard the ship, but he hadn’t seemed to accept her stumbling excuses. Instead, he threw her over his shoulder and headed down the corridor.

He was so tall that her head didn’t even come to his waist despite the fact she was hanging over his shoulder. From her angle, though, his ass looked nice and firm and her hands itched to grab it and see if it really was as nice as it looked.

Aurelia snorted. She was in trouble. In more ways than one.

When a door slid open, she realized they’d come to their destination. She could only hope he’d give her a chance to explain or beg or something. She’d do anything to keep from being forced back to Risla.

Aurelia began to shake, her hands sweating. Only now it was true fear. She was at their mercy. She should have gone another route. What were they going to do to her?

She tried to assure herself the big man had yet to harm her. He could have slapped her or knocked her out, but he hadn’t. Still, it sure wasn’t a welcome with open arms and smiles.

“Boys, look what I found hiding in the tertiary hold.” As he spoke, he shifted his grip, lifting her and placing her in his arms to be held like a child.

He’d taken her to the bridge, not the brig. And there were two more large men, both working at their stations, neither facing the door.

“Come on, Dov, stop messing around,” one of them responded as they both turned around. Aurelia gasped.

The closest man was the most striking man she’d every seen. His height was the only normal thing about him. Beautiful long white hair hung straight down his back, nearly brushing his hips in a wave of snow. The kind of snow she’d only seen on vids of ancient Earth or planets colder than her own. His eyes were a bright violet that she could see all the way from her side of the room and his black skin nearly sparkled in the glow of the computers on the console in front of him. Not regular human black, but midnight black, so black it was almost blue. The contrast was strong enough to have her heart nearly jumping into her throat.

A movement pulled her attention further into the room only for her to gasp once again.”