Perfect Woman

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What’s better than one gorgeous, sexy man? Two gorgeous, sexy men!
Tricia is in heaven when Donovan, her lover of four years, invites his best friend Kevin to join them for a weekend of carnal delights straight out of her sexual fantasies. But she wants more. She wants love.

However, Donovan has made it clear in the past that long-term commitment is not in his future plans. Donovan loves Tricia. She’s his ideal…his perfect woman, and he wants more than a weekend with her a few times a year. He’s ready for forever. But he has a secret to share that may tear them apart—love or not.


“Babe.” The soft whisper behind her had her trying to turn around before Donovan’s hands held her shoulders and prevented her from moving. He continued breathing the words into her ear. “I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely ready for something different.”

Tricia looked around the campfire. People were drumming and dancing around the flames, celebrating the holiday. Some couples and triads were removed slightly, snuggling with each other in various states of enjoyment—it was Beltane after all. Donovan’s heat against her back sent warm tendrils through her body, straight to her wet pussy. The pussy that hadn’t been dry since she’d stepped onto the property earlier today.

“I have something special planned.” He stroked her body, moving his hands to her waist as he pulled her gently against him.

Tricia didn’t think it was possible, but her body got even more excited at his words.

“What?” Her nipples hardened as all kinds of thoughts ran through her head. Sex with Donovan was always fun and inventive.

“Shhh, don’t you worry.” Gently he tugged at her waist, pulling her from the fire toward the private area of the campgrounds. After a few minutes he turned them down a path she had only walked a couple times.

“The hot tub?” She started to get excited in a totally different way. The owners had a wooden hot tub built into a hill, with something underneath to heat the water. She wasn’t sure of the engineering involved, but the water was gloriously warm and without any chemicals.

Donovan smiled deeply as he led her to the showers. He tugged her dress off, baring her nakedness to the night breezes. “You know the routine, my love. Shower first. We gotta get all that sunscreen and bug spray off.”

Donovan removed his sarong before reaching for the jasmine soap and shampoo the owners had waiting for guests’ use. Very few guests knew about the hot tub, and even those who did tended to stay away without specific permission. Most viewed it as Diana’s private domain.

But it was still open to the rest of the campers, and there was no telling when someone else might decide to join them. Despite that, Tricia had no inhibitions about showering out in the open. Clothing was optional for the festivals, and a nude body was nothing to gape over. She usually wore some covering, but many did not.